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You have heard of buy bulk and save at the supermarket, so we believe why not apply that principal to accounting services. We know that small businesses need a variety of different services and at certain times of the business life-cycle these services will change. See below for some of our standard service packages. The packages are customisable so feel free to mix and match from the products and services page and contact us for a free upfront quote.


Startup businesses require a lot of assistance with setting up everything and getting the business off the ground. The services required are heavily to do with registrations and record keeping as well as introductory management training and monitoring.

Services included

Structure Setup Advice

Setup of Structures

ABN, GST, TFN and employment registrations

Accounting System Setup

Accounting System Training

EJC's KPI Sheet

Quarterly Monitoring Meetings


All businesses no matter how big, small, old or new will require several accounting services as a minimum. These services are the basis of all the other packages and are included in each package.

Services Included


Annual Special Purpose Financial Reports

Completing ASIC requirements for Companies

Business Tax Return

Associated Individual Tax Return

Fringe Benefits Requirements

Unlimited phone calls and emails


Once businesses get off the ground they need to grow to ensure the owners are maximising their benefits and realising their business goals. Services required revolve around management and monitoring business performance and come from the consulting side of EJC.


Services Included

Cashflow Reports

12 month rolling Budgets

EJC's Can I afford that asset *

"What if" Analysis

EJC's KPI report

EJC's One page business Plan

Monthly/Quarterly Meetings

Business Goal Monitoring

Tax Planning


A common goal of most business owners is to be able to sell their business for as much as possible. We can assist in setting up a business to be ready for sale to maximise the sale price and after tax proceeds. Tax advice valuations and management are the themes that this package revolves around.  

Services included

Structure Setup review
Business Valuations

Monthly Meetings

Capital Gains Tax Advice

Net Asset Valuations

Tax Planning


Once we have assisted in growing the business to consistently reach the goals that are set, the next step will be to create personal wealth to help set yourself up for your future. Services are based on ensuring maximising asset values and personal wealth.

Services included

Structure Reviews

Personal Wealth Goals Creation

Superannuation Assistance

Borrowing Reviews

Net Asset Projections

Should I purchase a rental property

"What If" Analysis

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